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My great grannie's enchiladas - Yummy Nummy to My Tummy [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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My great grannie's enchiladas [Jan. 7th, 2006|10:39 pm]
From My Kitchen to Yours


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Sinaloa is a state on the pacific side of Mexico. That's where the last four generations or so of my family was born and raised. This recipe really originated from my great grandmother Ester. She taught my mother how to cook. So, its a pretty old recipe. I hope you enjoy this.

*This initial recipe will serve 3 - 4 people. The final part of this recipe will have to be done when you're other sides are already finished. This is usually served with mexican rice and/or frijoles (refried beans... not out of a can).

There are a couple of ways to making this. The authentic way uses shredded chicken or beef. But sometimes when I'm a lil' lazy, I use meat that's been cut fajita style. I guess that would be more of a southwest thing. This recipe though uses the original ingredients.

Enchiladas estilo Sinaluense

1 dozen corn tortillas
1/2lb - lb of meat (beef or chicken)
1 can tomato sauce
olive oil
queso fresco (most commonly sold in stores by Cacique)
green peppers (you can also use yellow, orange or red peppers for a sweeter taste)
garlic salt
lemon juice

Boil meat in water with half onion. Season with garlic salt and pepper. Cook until the meat is tender enough to shred. When that's done, do not drain the consumme. You'll use that in another application. Cool meat, then shred it.

While that's cooking, do this...

Clean then chop your lettuce. Then place in a container with cold water. Also, slice cilantro.

Dice onions, peppers and tomatoes. Then place on another dish near stove so you can grab it quickly.

Slice onions into long, thin pieces. Place in a bowl that has about 1/4 of lemon juice... really enjoy got semi-submerge the onions. Lightly sprinkle oregano. Occassionally turn so that every part of the onion slices is at one point submerged in lemon juice.

Crumble cheese into a pile on a dish.

You'll need three pans. One should be a regular frying pan and the other should be a frying pan deep enough for you to place liquids into. The last should be like a flat skillet.

In first pan, place a small amount of olive oil. You want the oil hot enough that it will sizzle if you drip water onto the pan. Then your meat. Once the meat is lightly browned, move it to the edges of the pan. In the center, place the veggies you had diced earlier. Let them sautee a lil while before mixing them with the meat on the edges. Mix together and add a little bit of lemon juice. Don't forget to taste the meat. If it needs to be seasoned some more, go ahead to do that now. You want to keep this on a medium heat until the peppers and onions are nicely sauteed. Then turn to a low heat to keep warm.

In the second pan, you'll want to simmer the can of tomato juice with the consumme from the meat. Stir in a good amount of oregano to flavor it.

Now, you want your skillet on medium high heat. Take a corn tortilla and place it into the sauce that's simmering. Place a dab of butter onto the skillet. Once it melts, take the tortilla and place it onto the skillet. Then place it onto the skillet. You'll want to turn it a few times

Place onto your serving dish and fill with your meat and veggies. Then roll. Once you have three. Top with lettuce, sliced onions, cilantro, and cheese then cover in sauce. Serve with side dishes.

***You can also top with diced avocados.

***For a vegetarian, sautee the veggies alone. Substitute water for consumme. And place veggies in fried tortilla with cheese. Do everything else as previous stated.