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hamburgers + yum [Jun. 12th, 2006|05:21 pm]
From My Kitchen to Yours


here's a quick way to jazz up regular ol' hamburgers (can be used with turkey burgers, too). i get those thin, pre-shaped burgers because with this receipe, you combine two patties to make one burger. so, for 2 burgers you need 4 patties.

1. season all patties with garlic and pepper
2. lay two patties out and add to the top of them: ranch dressing, crumbled bacon (or bacon bits if you're in a pinch), and a quarter slice of american cheese
3. top these with the plain patties and pinch the sides together so the ingredients above are now inside
4. grill as usual!

it only takes a few minutes and it tastes incredible. an easy way to change up the flavor of a regular ol' burger :)